yumm tastes

Tarryn Zail-Wise has been creating handmade dressings and marinades from much loved family recipes under her yumm label for some years now.

The range of nine products includes delights such as a their award winning balsamic drizzle, maple zest™ and thai zing™. All lovingly blended and bottled in small batches using fresh ingredients and the finest produce available.

Chops For Tea has given the yumm identity and labelling a complete makeover re-inventing some of the key existing identity assets. Colour continues to play an important role with on-shelf recognition. But the most successful update has been the placement of the product name. Previously this was hard to locate and then read. Our approach puts the product name front and centre.

“I’m really pleased with yumm’s fresh look. Gavin really understood what we required and how best to get us there. Our bottles really stand out. As a result we’ve seen an increase in sales. Great job.”
Tarryn Zail-Wise — founder.

Multiple  identity assets that come together on label design. Colour palette for 6 of the labels shown below.

Anatomy of a label. Front and back of the new Kinsei dressing.