is Australia’s newest private health insurance fund. Though when we started working with them they weren’t.

When they were still just ‘an idea’ we gave them an identity and helped them with their presentation materials when applying for an Application for Registration with the Minister for Health. Then through a series of brand workshops we collectively honed a vision and created a voice and a brand. We created the brand; brand principles document; product brochures; policy guides, claims card; welcome pack; a multitude of banner advertising executions (launch and campaign specific); avatars and other social media graphics; mailchimp newsletters and infographics. Over time the brand has been re-energised with the latest incarnation using block colours and icons for their online marketing. Photography for their Product Disclosure Statements has moved away from Australian landscapes to a modern, dare-we-say hipster feel. Their market share of the younger demographic is unrivalled.

We also provide their copywriting needs (value statements, copy deck, brochure and web copy, SMS texts, cancellation letters, radio ad, animation script) giving them their own straightforward tone of voice to match their promise of simple, hassle-free health insurance.

Here’s a selection of work we’ve done for them recently.

A sample of the sesign and copy for the Product Disclosure Statements for the product range, as well as the mini and full versions of their policy guides.

Banner advertising design and copy for various value messages campaigns on the Google Display Network..

Illustrations and copy for the PDF download of an animation we scripted about what to expect when going to hospital.

Design and copy for EDM infographic, B2B poster and sponsorship advertising.