SEO is dead. Content is king.

If a picture says a thousand words why does anyone need copy. Apart from a list of specifications and delivery details does anyone really need a Thomas Hardy done on their widgets and sprogpucks?

Google does.

Hephaestus smith

The whole Google algorithm is a bit of black magic to us but our very good friends over at Dando (digital specialists) do the math every day. They also research relevant keywords for you and provide digital marketing analysis and strategy. Though even they know that keyword targeting is only part way there. Having well written, engaging content that gets read (not just sits there making the page look pretty) enhances the brand. The tone of voice of the copy is only part of a brand, yet one that is so often overlooked. One client we’re doing work for offers repairs and servicing to heating and cooling appliances. What’s that you say? Borrrrrrr—ing? Well you’d be wrrrrrrrr—ong. Jason Watson,  MD at HeatCool, knows that just because he’s got a website it doesn’t mean you’ll call him over his competitors when your heater breaks. Luckily, this man knows how to build a brand. Using the keyword analysis supplied by Dando we then write the content (copy) for Jason for various pages on HeatCool website. We weave in the relevant keywords without looking like we’re weaving in the relevant keywords and try to be interesting at the same time. Jason knows tone of voice is one way to differentiate him from the competition.

Here’s what we wrote for the HeatCool page where they focus on Vulcan heater repairs and service. (The copy may, or may not be live when you read this.)


August 23. If you’ve got an old Vulcan heater that day should be circled on your calendar. We’re declaring it “Get Your Vulcan Heater Serviced Day”. Why? Well, here’s a little story for you:

Vulcan was the Roman God of fire. The Romans revered Vulcan both for his energising talents but also for his destructive abilities. He powered ovens for bakers and blacksmiths but he also had a sideline in earthquakes and making volcanos erupt.

Imagine yourself in Roman times: it’s late August and the summer heat is at its fierecest. Your crops and your granaries are vulnerable to spontaneous combustion. So what do you do? You pray to the God of Fire to leave them be. And so it was that August 23 was the festival of Vulcanalia. Games were played and huge bonfires were lit. Live fish and small animals were cast into the flames as sacrificial offerings.

Mmmmm, we’re not suggesting you do that, but what we do know is that your Vulcan is a beast that needs to be tamed. Regularly. It’s vitally important that you get it serviced. And we’ve got three words for you as to why: Carbon. Monoxide. Poisoning.

Vulcan heaters are no longer manufactured and there’s a good reason. Not only are there are more efficient systems available, there are far more healthier ways to heat your home. We all breathe between 10 – 12,000 litres of air every single day. Around 50% of that contains toxic substances — from our own homes! So if you’ve got an aging Vulcan it would be more than a good idea to get us round to give it the once over. The Vulcans were robust in their prime, but slowly and surely they’re all heading towards that great heater resting place in the sky.

Now we don’t want to alarm you but here’s a little footnote to history: Vesuvius erupted on the 24th August, 79 A.D. You can bet the Vesuvians regretted not getting around to everything on their To Do list the day before (especially ‘build a bonfire to honour Vulcan’). So hold your own festival of Vulcanalia (preferably without the animal sacrifce) and get us round to service your Vulcan heater before winter starts.

HeatCool can service and repair all types of Vulcan heaters

Vulcan heating
Wall furnaces
Space heaters

At HeatCool will can ensure your Vulcan heater remains in perfect working order. We provide expert repairs, regular maintenance and an efficient service to the CBD, all Melbourne suburbs and regional Victoria with a friendly and reliable team.

*As for the image above, unfortunately it’s not Gavin dressed as a blacksmith, but it’s a good shot of the guy’s nipple don’t you think?