The Bees’ Knees

First there was KG Comms — Karen Gallagher Communications — though her business was changing and she wanted a new name to reflect the work of her and her team.

Names are funny things. You know the right one when you see it (or hear it as the case may be). But it’s finding the right one isn’t it. We love naming projects. When we hit on the right name for a client it’s like arriving at the top of a mountain after an arduous and difficult climb. We could put in a cheesy photo library shot of a man in a suit tackling a summit, or we could just show you how we visualised the name we came up with — The Bees’ Knees.

Bees perform a ‘waggle dance’ to tell other bees how far, and in which direction, other bees should go to find pollen sources. Bees use the angles of the hexagonal honeycomb — as well as the angle the sun happens to be at in the sky — as the map upon which they perform their dance. Bees = proper enormously clever. This interrelationship between bees and their hive is The Bees’ Knees metaphor for organisational success.

The Bees’ Knees are management consultants with a focus on sales and marketing channels. They help  clients develop a deep understanding of their customers’ needs. They also look at their clients’ internal structures, systems, processes and relationships to identify and prioritise improvements for greater productivity.

The final logo is a visual representation of the path a bee takes doing its waggle dance.

“Working with Gav and Lizzie from Chops for Tea is amazing and very enjoyable. Going through a complete re-brand is quite daunting and having a team that puts so much thought and rigour of process into every branding, design and copy solution gives you immense confidence. My favourite part of working with Gav and Lizzie is they go through the pros and cons of every single choice with each other before it gets to you. And of course, they are so, so talented. I love our new brand identity. Thanks Gav & Lizzie!”
Karen Gallagher, The Bees’ Knees


Pages from our identity concept generation documents showing the work in progress. We involve our clients in all of these stages.
The final logo is a literal visualisation of the path a bee takes doing its waggle dance — but in a pretty way of course.