WGSN are the leading global service providing online research, trend analysis and news to the fashion, design and style industries. Their clients, such as Coca Cola, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sony Ericsson and Wal Mart, subscribe to their website as a key business resource.

We were commissioned to explore and develop imaginative and fresh denim concept packaging, trims and labels to fit the 3 trend directions for the AW09/10 season. The work is available to WGSN subscribers to download for use as inspiration or adapted for commercial purposes.

The 3 trends were: Nice!  |  Invincible  |  Future Imperfect


Remember a cartoon-like depiction of an ideal and smiling world.

The Nice! concept taps into your childhood to create packaging ideas loaded with humour and heart-warming sentiments. Playful and irreverent jollity create a sense of warmth, leaving a smile on your face.

The 3 directions within the Nice! concept include the devlopment of the N-Man & Indigo Jones chracrcters – the later a character that ‘hijacks’ the denim brand. Identikit invites you to personalise and disguise your denim.


Invincible explores the stuff of legends.

Invincible evokes a feeling of night-time mystery; an enchanted mood in which we explore new paganism and the emergence of urbanised shamanism.Make reference to omens, message-bearers, warrior alter egos and animal spirit guides.

Explore forgotten raw materials, like bone, to create semi-precious keepsakes. Imbue accessories with the symbolism of semi-precious stones, metals & animal emblems.

Future Imperfect

Imperfection is the new aesthetic. Find pleasure and beauty in the unexpected and the imperfect. The rare and unique will be considered the new luxury.

Irresponsible applied coatings and finishes create unexpected but reproducible results. Preserve vintage treasures by encasing; give protection with metal details and reinforced hardware. Explore sun-damaged, bleached and contrasts between high shine and matt surfaces creating a juxtaposition between material and era.