The Middle East Association

The Middle East Association is the UK’s premier organisation for promoting trade and relations within the Arab world. We were commissioned to create a new identity that had relevance and meaning for its members. We researched the origins of middle eastern trade and discovered that the ancient Phoenicians traded the colour purple (derived from the crushing of marine molluscs) with the Romans. Thus purple became the MEA’s new corporate colour.

We showcase here a plethora of printed and online marketing collateral, from stationery (that had to be rubber stamped by Buckingham Palace – HRH Duke of York, KCVO, ADC is a Patron) to print ads and trade mission flyers.

“Our new communications now reflect a vibrant, progressive association – helping us grow our membership, develop extensive trade links throughout the Middle East region and raise our profile”
Michael Thomas, Director General, MEA

Trade Mission flyers and monthly newsletter

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