Smirnoff Experience

Smirnoff Experience produce and host electronic music events around the world.

As part of the Smirnoff rebranding that happened in 2005, the existing Smirnoff Experience identity needed to evolve. The identity we created needed to work in a range of applications across 36 territories. The collaboration between us, Karoshi and Smirnoff Experience meant that the resulting design was as much a refinement of the Smirnoff Experience brand values as it was an evolution of the previous identity.

The mood boards created for Smirnoff Experience explored the themes of liberation, hedonism, dance and Russian heritage (even though the brand has no routes in Russia). These themes were then applied to logo ideas and text treatments.

We also show here the original Smirnoff experience identity with some of the extensive symbol and type exploration. You may pick up on the influence of the Technics decks!