Chops for Tea, the Castlemaine State Festival and avoiding being eaten by cannibals.

As part of the Castlemaine State Festival we sponsored the opening night party — Queen Cannibali and the Skull Island Orchestra — at the Theatre Royal.  We designed and produced 500 double sided skull masks to add to the fun of the party.


Look into my eyes…


Queen Cannibali strutting her stuff on stage.

By the look of this guy’s red eyes he was already ensnared in the Queen’s nefarious gaze. Think he was heading straight for the pot. Also looks like he was pre-marinading himself. Which was considerate of him.

It was all a giant melange of tiki, luau, voodoo, feathers and fur — that’s how Castlemaine rolls.

Requisite fire twirlers. Of course.

And man dressed as a gorilla.

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