Parma Sutra (find your P-spot) – an app

The humble ‘Parma’, Australia’s quintessential pub meal has catapulted into the digital age. With the new Parma Sutra i-Phone app this staple of Australian pub grub has entered a new era. Parma Sutra has all the gadgets and gizmos you need to find, rate and review the best Parmas in the country. Find your ‘P’ spot!

© Chops for Tea  / Gavin Krasner / Ben Edmonds

The app’s simple navigation makes it easy to not only find the best ranked Parmas near you but also the best value. With 100s of venues listed in Melbourne, Parma Sutra is the perfect tool to find the best deals for whenever you have a pang for a Parma. The versatile search functionality enables you to locate Parmas ‘near me’, by location, rating, number of reviews or simply by name. Top ranked venues will receive special Parma Sutra stickers to proudly place in their windows. In addition, plaques will be awarded each year for the top 3 rated venues. All users are able to find the venues with deals on the night they demand a Parma. In addition, those that register with Parma Sutra will receive monthly deals on pub food and drink in their area.

The app is packed with information but encourages user generated content. Simply sign up and start rating Parmas. Add your own venue review, be your very own food critic by taking pictures and using the simple ratings sliders, giving marks for each element that makes up the perfect Parma. An overall score is represented by different grades; “Hot Chick” for outstanding Parmas down to “Dirty Bird” for the less loved.

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