Fancy Gav


Fancy Gav. Pikelet chose not to dress up.

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Chops for Tea, the Castlemaine State Festival and avoiding being eaten by cannibals.

As part of the Castlemaine State Festival we sponsored the opening night party — Queen Cannibali and the Skull Island Orchestra — at the Theatre Royal.  We designed and produced 500 double sided skull masks to add to the fun of the party.

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T-Towel — Xmas 2014 edition

In all its thucking glory!

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Champion! Well, Reserve Champion.


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Saucy Stuff

Tomato Sauce 2014 | Another first at CFT_HQ.
10kg of tomatoes, apples, fresh finger, numerous spices, a heap of sugar and of course some of that very special stuff…

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2013 edition

And for Christmas maybe you’ll be lucky enough to score one of our Chops for Tea fully un-automated dish drying devices — 2013 edition. 100% wool. Screenprinted by those ace peeps, Dale and Heidi, over at Castlemaine based Studio Antic. Oh alright. It’s cotton.

A word to the wise.

Them’s wise words these indeed.

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Relish This

What you do when you have a glut of tomotoes.
A spicy tomato chilli relish made by The Man, for his fellow man (and woman) who like it hot.

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Our friends at Om Nom Nom Nom asked us to create an identity for their food blog.
We had so much fun. Check out what we did.

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Limited edition hand screen printed tea towels — 2012 edition

At CFT_HQ we are wetting dishes just so we can dry them.

Our fully unautomated dish drying devices have arrived — 100% cotton screen printed by the hands of Tex at Big Tree Print in Guildford. And just in time for the Winters Flat Twilight market – Friday 7th December. We’ll also be selling hand made Christmas & greetings cards with a twist…

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Limited edition hand made greetings cards

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the Christmas and greetings cards we’ve designed and produced.

These will be on offer at the Winters Flat Primary School Twilight Market, Castlemaine – Friday 7th December 2012. Thanks to Denise Button (Colourful Language) who approached James Kelly (Kelly & Rose) and myself to participate. Big thanks to CJ Print Melbourne for the supply of card.

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Eureka Lemon Marmalade

8 Eureka Lemons (from a back yard in Seddon)
4 cups of water
4 cups of sugar

And 2 hours later…

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A New Batch


Helped a friend pick up a window in Melbourne. Heavy thing it was – took 4 blokes to load it on the trailer. Anyway, the lovely lady that had been storing the behemoth (window) had a lemon tree in her back yard, a Eureka lemon tree to be precise.

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Rensark 3000 – The prints

In 1982 a 12 year old boy had a vision. To bring his dead cat back to life.
The Rensark 3000 prints are not currently available to purchase.

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A Winter’s Tale

The Garden of Light and Shade is a world created by Baxter Rensark. A Winter’s Tale is the first story published. Bestest friends Wormy Wood, Pathetic Flower, Brian Robin and Freddy Kitten are all determined not to succumb to the elements – but who won’t be tiptoeing through the tulips come Spring?

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Rensark 3000 User Guide

What is the RENSARK 3000? Explore the unique features of the RENSARK 3000 from Rensark Industries via this user guide. Want a copy?

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If I was an artist I wouldn’t art this.

Serious? Deadly.

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Parma Sutra (find your P-spot) – an app

The humble ‘Parma’, Australia’s quintessential pub meal has catapulted into the digital age. With the new Parma Sutra i-Phone app this staple of Australian pub grub has entered a new era. Parma Sutra has all the gadgets and gizmos you need to find, rate and review the best Parmas in the country. Find your ‘P’ spot!

© Chops for Tea  / Gavin Krasner / Ben Edmonds

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Lemon Marmalade

It started with a Meyer Lemon tree in our backyard in Hawthorn. Prolific it was. And then so was Gavin with his lemon concoctions. Many a batch of lemon marmalade has been made over the years. I must say Gav and I differ in our taste: me tart, him sweet (insert gag about personality disposition here). And so it came to pass that as graphic designers we’d eventually have to do our own poncy label. And here it is. And, as we couldn’t help ourselves, we’ve come up with a brand called Man Made that we intend to do lots of other stuff with. Always be remembering, behind every good man … blah blah