An idea is only as good as the people who make it happen.
Luckily, Castlemaine is full of good people.
When locals collaborate good things happen, locally.

This film shows the people and processes involved in making a butterfly chair entirely in Castlemaine. — Made in Castlemaine from on Vimeo.


We {Lizzie Geddes — Chops for Tea and Cathy Parry — Industrial Sewing Workshop}
wanted to see if we could manufacture a butterfly chair entirely in Castlemaine. Well we
have — though that does depend on how you count the inputs. We didn’t mine the iron ore
here, nor was the steel made here. Neither did we grow the cotton nor harvest the plants
to make the ink to dye the fabric. Still, Castlemaine is a goldmine (pun intended) of
talented people.

c8 Designs — made the frames
Jamie Burke is one of those he-can-make-you-anything-you-can-dream-of-in-metal guys.
With a background as a qualified fitter and turner he cold bent the raw steel rods by
hand in his Castlemaine workshop. He calls himself a Metal Shaper and can turn his
dextrous hands to gates, fences, commercial sculpture, metal fabrication and repairs.
Jamie Burke  0434 266 105

Billman’s Foundry — sandblasted the frames
There used to be nine foundrys in Victoria. Now there’s just one — Billman’s in Castlemaine.
They make fountains, street / park / garden furniture and ornamental castings using
aluminium, bronze and cast Iron. They also do heritage reproductions, restoration and
engineering work. Using crushed garnet they sandblasted our raw steel frames.
Nathan  (03) 5472 4302

Jet Hot High Performance Coatings — powdercoated the frames
Castlemaine is the hot rod centre of Australia and is home to many businesses that support
this well respected and thriving industry. Luckily for us John Lynch and Jet Hot are across
the road from the foundry and able to powdercoat our frames. At the moment we’re just
offering black frames but Jet Hot are able to coat them in lots of fabulous colours.
John Lynch  1800 700 468

Industrial Sewing Workshop — made the covers
Cathy Parry can sew. Like proper big massive stuff like exterior awnings that go round trees,
yet her nimble fingers also make small things like body bags, panniers and firewood slings
— and our chair covers. She’s also a bit of a fabric hoarder and has collected masses of
vintage fabric to which she is putting to good use for these covers. We reckon she could
sew two sewing machines together if she had to. No hyperbole.
Cathy Parry  0402 870 469

Studio Antic — screen printed the swingtags
Dale Stephens and Heidi Stoll design and screen print paper, fabric and wood turning them
into handmade cards, notebooks, tea towels, pencil cases, cushions and clocks. They also
screenprinted our swingtags.
Dale Stephens  0409 338 557

Liam Lynch — photography of chairs
Liam is a nature photographer specialising in beasties under the water. He then prints uses
palladium to print his images onto archival grade paper. He’s also a dab hand in the studio
and we used his skills to good effect to photograph our covers, frames and complete chairs
for the website.
Liam Lynch  0419 118 607

Claudia Rowe — movie of the process
Claudia is an independent documentary-maker and freelance TV editor — and author of a
series of books about bums. Putting her penchant for lavatory humour to one side for a bit,
she filmed and created a film about the process of creating the chair entirely in Castlemaine.
Garry Chapman from Chapman’s Photographics helped out with the filming of the chair in
the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens with his drone camera.
Claudia Rowe  0408 572 425

Hugh Campbell — technical know how
Hugh is an IT Master. He’s a proper old school techie but can explain everything in layman’s
terms to reassure you that you haven’t just broken the internet. He runs an IT consultancy in
Castlemaine and can advise you on telecomms, working with the cloud and your office IT.
He also helps us out with our HTML thingamejiggers.
Hugh Campbell — The IT Business

Chops for Tea — management of the brand
Lizzie Geddes doesn’t know much but she does know this: just because you’ve made
something doesn’t mean it’s going to sell itself. As one half of Chops for Tea she specialises
in branding and wanted to see if she (and Cathy and others) could make a product and sell
it — not just tell others how they should be managing their own brands.
Lizzie Geddes  0427 387 719

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This is a replica of the famous BKF or Hardoy chair produced by the Austral Group (Buenos Ares, 1939).
The designers were Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan. It’s affectionately known
as a butterfly chair. In 1950 Knoll relinquished the manufacturing licence and discontinued production.
Since then there have been loads of replica manufacturers worldwide, of which we are just one.

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Lizzie Geddes
0427 387 719
Chops for Tea
62 Doveton Street
Castlemaine VIC 3450
Cathy Parry
0402 870 469
Industrial Sewing Workshop
Unit 2, Lot 2, Storage Court
PO Box 597
Castlemaine VIC 3450


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