The Castlemaine Quirk

The Castlemaine Quirk #13

Q: What and where is this?


A: It’s the seat from an old, well I forget: a cannon I think. I know that’s a rubbish answer and I shall endeavour to look properly when next I find myself at the station and not in a terrible rush. It’s in the parkland adjacent to Castlemaine Train Station (Kennedy St side). It’s a trophy’of war — a bit like those cannons outside the RSL in Victory Park.


The Castlemaine Quirk is a series where readers are challenged to guess the where, what and why of the content in a photo. Extravagant guesses are most welcome. You’re also invited to submit your own quirks. They need to be publically accessible and should be of some historical, cultural or artistic merit. It’s a show and tell opportunity whereby we can all learn something a little extra about Castlemaine we didn’t know before. If you’d like to submit one email

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