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Serif vs sans serif

Twas Marx that had a bit to say about the ownership of the means of production. Now to stretch that link a bit that’s the reason why we have a wordpress site. We wanted to have control over our content, and immediately. WordPress is just a boon for that. We got someone to set the site up for us and then we took over — and we haven’t broken it yet! Thing is once you get under the bonnet of WordPress it’s not all that simple, despite all their marketing promises. Now I’ve got the slightest of ideas about what to do in a Cascading Style Sheet. I was unhappy with the serif face we initially chose (Merriweather) for the site so I delved through the CSS and changed it to Arial. Good ol Arial. Or rather you poor bastard child Arial, spat from the loins of Microsoft who were too cheap to pay the owners of Helvetica a licence fee.

Cue: Gavin spitting the dummy and demanding I change Arial back to Merriweather.

Well I didn’t. And he asked again. And I didn’t. I never said I would. The great thing is that even though Gav can drive the basics of WordPress he certainly doesn’t know how to amend the CSS!

Anyway, as a compromise I’ve settled on Georgia. I’m about to investigate the Google font Bitter. So if the site looks like it’s got typographic schizophrenia that’ll be why.


Actually Liz, we settled (unsatisfactorily) for a font called Roboto Slab. More soon – we’ll be arguing over this for weeks.

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