Pottering About

Horsing Around — Ampersand Christmas Party

Our lovely client Ampersand invited Liz and I to their team Christmas jolly at Albert Park —
Paspaley Polo in the City.
What a splendid day with splendid company. Oh and the Poh-Loh was an eye opener too.

I’m glad my initial confusion was set straight — phew, we didn’t have to ride or play, just watch and soak up the atmosphere. I did think mounting a horse whilst holding a glass of bubbles could be problematic, let alone holding that sticky mallet thingy. Whist Liz had been to a Polo event before this was my first. I must say the sport has never really been on my radar but now having witnessed the spectacle I have utmost respect for the player and their rides. Wow, it’s pretty impressive stuff.

Don’t ask me to explain the rules but the game is pretty short being played in seven minute periods or chukkers. Although apparently a game can go on for over an hour and a half (I may have missed some). I can say though, if you do get a chance to go, (and be plied with champagne), I’d thoroughly recommend.


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