Vegetable Patchwork

Hello zucchini

The heat has very much been on since my last post and the veggie patch has undergone some major developments. And the Results are coming – my first zucchini crop – and there’s nothing more rewarding.

Ok so clearly there maybe more rewarding things in life than growing zucchini, apparently zucchini is pretty easy to grow but before I moved to Castlemaine my back yard consisted mainly of concrete, so there’s still a big novelty factor in actually being able to grow stuff and then actually eat stuff that you’ve grown.

Add into the mix the excitement (almost) that the children experience, the sheer delight (almost) that the adults experience, when a new fruit has magically appeared overnight and couple this with, the enthusiasm shown in a sharp twist or the satisfaction in the kitchen scissor snip that sets the fruit free, and you have a little world of wonders in your own back yard that really make the whole vegie patch experience so worthwhile.


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