#chilli carrot ———— And so it begins

Follow the chilli. Follow the carrot. More is revealed.

Two of Castlemaine’s premier food, drink and entertainment venues battle it out to see who can show you the best time you’ve ever had in The ‘Maine. Follow the carrot to The Good Table / Hickster Bar or follow the chilli to the Theatre Royal / Arribar! / The Corona Street Cafe. It’s going to be a massive 10 days, so make sure you eat and drink plenty! To see some footage of the #chillicarrot wrestling on YouTube click here. Theatre Royal / Arribar! Mexicantina / The Corona Street Cafe / The Good Table / Hickster Bar

Guess who? Now to get David @RoyalCastlemain into that Luchador suit. It’s got screenprinted nipples! #chillicarrot

Page from the flyer.

Luchador v Rabbit oitside The Corona Street Cafe / Arribar! / Theatre Royal Lovers or fighters? Note the screen printed nipples. Nice touch don’t you think.

Carrot on carrot action. Not for everyone.

Senor Chris

There’s always some weird bloke in a hat.

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