What’s For Tea?

Beef with asparagus and oyster sauce.

Nothing better than fresh asparagus straight from the vegie patch. This is one of our all time favourite Thai dishes that we share with you here.

It’s not uncommon for this dish to make its way to the CFT dining table once a week – it’s that tasty and it’s so easy too. And even #1 likes it which is saying something.

Unlike most Thai dishes, the heat for the dish is derived from white pepper, rather than chilli. In fact it’s a little known fact that until the Portuguese introduced Chillies to Thailand in the 16th century the main spice used in Thai cuisine was pepper.

I owe the discovery of this dish to a dear friend back in London and in turn to Vatcharin Bhumichitr, whose restaurant in Madia Vale, London – South East W9, is a delight to visit. The recipe page from his book is shown here with all the details you require although you can be way more generous with the beef (generally we use rump) and we like to be heavy handed with the white pepper. It’s also a winner with mushrooms & zucchini. Enjoy.


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