What’s For Tea?

Donald Gets Stuffed This Christmas

Another bloody Christmas.
This year we thought stuff it — our lamb that is. This recipe is a treat — try it at least once in your life.
Or twice if you’re trying to take some good snaps for a blog. (they’re coming soon).

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Cockaleekie and the Antarctic Vortex


How to think like a warm person.

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Fig & Almond Cake

On an impulse I bought some figs…

They just looked too good, sitting there, dumpy and just ripe.
And then I found a perfect sweet treat* to bake.
And it’s easy, texturally impressive and full of figgy goodness.

*fair play, technically this isn’t tea but it goes perfectly with a cuppa.

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Donald with Goats’ Cheese, Mint & A Zesty Tooth Thucking Vinaigrette (aka A Merry Thucking Christmas)

It’s that time of the year. If you’re lucky enough you may already have received the new 2014 Chops For Tea t-towel — or it’s perhaps on its way to you. If you’ve not got one of our beautifully hand screen printed unautomated dish drying devices then here’s the go for a delicious festive feast.

2014 ttowel

For Donald (that’s Lamb to you)
2.7kg lamb leg – boned & butterflied
Salt & pepper – freshly ground
Olive oil – for drizzling
Fresh mint – a shearing shed load
Firm goats’ cheese – a half frozen handful (grated ideally)
6 garlic cloves – grated
Rosemary – more than enough
Kitchen string – but how long?

For the vinaigrette (the full on thucking part)
6 tbsp olive oil
More mint – finely chopped
1 lemon –  zested and juiced
Salt & pepper


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Donald’s missing leg

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Leek & Bacon Pie

What to do with your freshly harvested leeks?
This is a Tana Ramsay recipe  — yes she who is Gordon’s wife and must be a saint. Her ‘Family Kitchen’ cookbook gets a good workout in our the CFT_Kitchen.

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Beef with asparagus and oyster sauce.

Nothing better than fresh asparagus straight from the vegie patch. This is one of our all time favourite Thai dishes that we share with you here.

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A little bit of Tessa Kiros

Tonight it’s going to be Chicken sautéed with cheese and milk from Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook by Tessa Kiros

I want to be one of her kids.

Rabbit for Tea

I’m not a big rabbit fan. Well that’s not true, I love Bugs Bunny, Peter Rabbit and when I was growing up in London we had 19 very cute rabbits at one stage. And who doesn’t adore Welsh Rabbit? { That’s Welsh Rarebit Gavin! ~ Lizzie }  But when it comes to eating rabbit I often shy away, until now…

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Father’s Day tea 2012

He requested lasagne.

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Collar of lamb with chickpeas and silverbeet

Hale and hearty lamb dish.

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